MMMG methodology is based on a number of established and effective principles throughout the industry. Within project management, MMMG adds value with a personalized touch on the standard/general certification courses.

Quality and Accuracy

MMMG courses are monitored and tailored to accurately reflect any current version of the PMP, CAPM, or other certification exams. We provide quality assurance (QA) to minimize any potential quality or accuracy issues arising in relation to the PMP exam or any of our continued learning courses. MMMG stays up-to-date with any new developments and changes within the project management industry. In order to deliver high-quality, technical course material that will give you all the tools you need to pass your PMP exam, we take a very stringent approach toward our QA efforts.

Project Framework

MMMG encourages a proactive approach to the delivery and development of a project framework. No matter the industry, we seek to provide each, individual with the preparation and knowledge needed to lead large projects and be able to coordinate multiple work streams.

Exam Simulation

MMMG continues to stay current with the latest exam testing environment. A seamless transition from coursework to taking the exam, our project management training material is designed to mimic the testing environment.

The exam simulation that you will experience is based on a time-tested methodology which promotes a healthy learning environment for students. Elements of the exam simulation environment include results-oriented instruction, case study, role-play, and real-life contextualization. MMMG is the key you need to successfully pass your PMP exam and continue your journey towards higher wages and better job opportunities.

We have all the tools and guidance you need to further your career with a project management certificate achieved through guided learning. We will give you the tools to pass the exam on the first try. Sign up for a course today!

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