MindMap Foundation Group’s Mission & Vision for Success

MMFG is the only gap-bridging organization for women in the controversial areas of gender equality, salary attainment and C-Level position obtainment, nationally and internationally, within the project management industry.

Each year, we provide financial assistance to 50 eligible women to give them the tools to advance their career with opportunities that may have not existed before. MMFG believes in empowering young women, and through Mindmap Management Group (MMMG) courses they will learn high-value technical training and obtain a certificate in project management. Individuals who complete courses with MMMG may go on to achieving higher salaries, better job opportunities, and the ability to progress into leadership roles.

What Will MindMap Foundation Group Provide?

MMFG provides advocacy and support to women in the project management sector with the intent to complete the training necessary to pass their project management certification exam. MMFG also provides advocacy and support to women entering and progressing through various career paths within project management.


Mind Map Management Group has developed the online and in-person formats to offer training and development forwarding or prospective women in project management. We provide financial assistance to low-income women for the training and development courses via the 4 Keys to PMP program. In addition, providing women in the Roadmap to PMP program advocacy and mentorship as they complete their exams, navigate the career pool, and climb the ranks in their industry.

4 Keys to PMP

Professional women are provided the opportunity to take the Mind Map Management Group 4-day Bootcamp for Project Managers which will prepare them to take the PMP test through a PMI certified agency.

These 4 Day Bootcamp sessions will be provided to these women at minimal costs. Women will be able to attend these career specific and designed courses online or in person as they prepare for the exam.

The Online and In-Person 4 Day Bootcamp sessions are facilitated by Project Management Professionals with years of experience, training and development in the industry. Participants will benefit from a running list of resources pertinent to being successful on the exam such as studying tips, refresher tips, quizzes and practice exams.


Eligible participants are women who have 1-5 years of IT experience, are at or below 50% AMI and can attend the next scheduled boot camp as well as scheduled exam. Women must present proof of experience, income and ability to pay for the PMI exam.

Roadmap to PMP

Professional Women who enter the 4 Keys to PMP program will automatically receive mentorship through the Roadmap to PMP program.

The Roadmap to PMP program is designed to support women during the exam taking process, career navigating process and lateral movement process within their industry of choice. Women will be directly partnered with women in their industry of choice:

1)Information Technology
4)Finance and Insurance
6)Oil and Gas

Professional women will access their mentors in all these areas in order to ensure complete elevation of their career and to beat the sector hindrances of:
1)Gender Gap
2)Salary Percentage
5)Position Development
6)Continued Professional Development


Project management provides women with the opportunity to grow professionally and personally within a plethora of industries; whether it’s working on large projects like the completion of the Olympics or fostering relationships to help a team turn around a product. However, minimal work has been done on the diversity within project management.
Women project managers tend to be younger, less experienced, and be limited to junior roles. Many women in low-income areas do not always have the opportunity or the finances to learn the necessary computer programs and technology, which significantly decreases their chances of being competitive for specific jobs.
Our programs are designed to close the gap in salary, gender dominance, and industry awareness on the needs of project management within all industries. We provide training, support, and advocacy to help them to achieve their professional goals in project management. Our programs position women to earn a salary that will not only change their lives but their families.
With our support, Women are equipped to break into male-dominant industries and earn a notable salary; specifically in states that with a significant gender pay gap, including Virginia ($100,823), Texas ($97,177), Alabama ($95,032), Illinois ($94,640), Colorado ($92, 100), West Virginia ($91,2638), Missouri ($90,2769), Mississippi ($89,720), and North Carolina ($87,902).

Scholarship Application

Ready to continue your journey in project management? Take advantage of MindMaps programs that support, guide and advocate you through our industry. Start the process by giving us a call at (833) 646-MMFG.

How Can You Make A Difference?

If you would like to sponsor a MindMap Foundation Scholarship for multiple women to take advantage of our programs, give us a call at (833) 646-MMFG. If you'd like to make a donation, please use the link below.

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